Monday, March 8, 2010

How To Make An Undeletable Folder

Sometimes happens that someone is deleting a folder, which is very important to you .If you want to avoid anything similar in future you can protect your important files in a folder that is undeletable.

1. Open cmd ( Type in Run option, the command 'cmd' or navigate to All Programs->Accessories->  
    Command Prompt)

2. In cmd change to the directory that you want ( you can use the commands " cd..." to exit the curent folder and "E:" for example to change from your current drive to E drive.

3. Type md \lpt1\\ and press Enter, the folder will be created now on your computer.

4. If you want to delete it or rename it

it will appear error message:

5. If you want to delete it just go to 'cmd', navigate to the directory and type rd \lpt1\\ and press Enter.

The folder will be deleted now.


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